He Lies In Wait

Too many lies

There once was a girl who lived by the shore,
Whose Mommy told​ her they were quite poor.
The Mommy was afraid that they’d be in need
So she lied and deceived and grew lost in her greed.

As time went by, the little girl grew,
Increasing in beauty and all that she knew.
She loved her mommy but felt angry inside
Because Mommy used people and quite often lied.

It was bad when Mommy exchanged truth for wealth,
But it was sad when Mommy lied to herself.
She told lies so good, she believed her own
Until they became her only friends in a lonely home.

The little girl swore she’d never know this life,
So she found a boy and became a wife.
She made friends and a family in a lovely town,
And had her own little girl whom she’d never put down.

Then one day this Mommy had a bad day,
She knew neither what she could do or could say.
Angry and worried, she gave up her goal.
She used people and lied for the sake of control.

And when all seemed done, it seemed she’d won,
When really she’d only shown that she too could run.
Conflict and pain were never dealt with head-on,
Not as a child and not as a mom.

Now Daddy’s no saint; he has his own lies,
He forgets how little the world satisfies.
But he dreams of the day when all is made right,
On that day when we’ll kneel before an unapproachable light.

So for now another little girl grows down by the shore
Apart from a Daddy who could not love her more,
A Daddy who’ll someday look into her eyes,
And apologize because, “Your Mommy and I just believed too many lies.”


it’s complicated

Centered in a crowd
A woman stands alone
A red dress I remember
On a woman I’ve known
Though her back to me
I am certain it’s her
For this dream I have dreamed
And it is her, I am sure
The crowd swirls about
Dancing to and fro
Unconsciously orbiting
About her radiant glow
I join in the crowd
In hopes to see her face
A sight I long now miss
And evidence of God’s good grace
But try as I might
To enter her view
Distractions abound
Clouding what I know to be true
They tempt me to think
That they will satisfy my soul
They lure me away
From her and He who make me whole
This woman I knew
A gift from God I’d received
Now enveloped in lies
By which I am foolishly deceived

I cry and I pray
And I cry to this day
When I remember a hug
And a promise that it’d be okay
I know not what to do
With memories that remain
And pictures that brought joy
That now cause me pain

He Did That We Might Do

We strive unending to emulate perfection

Consider that everything he has commanded we do he has already perfectly demonstrated.

He lived as we ought live.
He gave us that we might give.
He forgave us of much that we might forgive others of relatively little.
He sought and saved us so that we too might seek and save the lost.
He spoke words that we may now speak with confidence,
and he responded to the cries of the downtrodden so that we might continue.
He served that we might serve.
He loved the we may love.
He suffered righteously that we might suffer for righteousness sake.
He submitted so that we might submit,
and he welcomed that we might welcome.

He died that we might live, but that’s why he is the Christ and we are not.

How I beg and plead He hear my prayer,
“Are you even listening!”
And how my soul shakes when given His response:
“Are you even listening?”


Woe to the man who thinks his highest worth

his ability to conquer meaningless hills

How he strives and strains to satisfy the world

Giving the life given him to lackluster thrills

The chains he wears he cannot feel

For they lie unshaken in comfortable scars

Confined to a cell of sad but certain controls

He knows not the freedom past his unshackled bars

Woe to the man who does not respond

To his maker when given eyes that can see

Woe to the man who knows his mirror too well

And still himself has yet to see


Perspective matters.

You don’t yet know and you don’t yet see
but if you were my friend you’d take my keys.
If danger loomed ahead you’d safeguard me.
You’d keep me from walking into the street.
So why won’t you let me keep you from the heat?
I promise this isn’t me being better than you,
I’ve just seen a sign and I’m convinced in time
His words will prove to be wholly true.
So please, stop and turn,
Consider Him as the answer to that for which you yearn.
I assure you this isn’t a means of control
It’s just my attempt to show you a man who’ll save your soul.
And look, I know it doesn’t make much sense,
but if you’ll lower your defense
I promise it’ll be better than the lie’s consequence.
He is yours and you are His
so repent and be sent to the world He loves.
His light will guide us in this lifelong fight.
Lord, call us and send us to go and be
That they might see
the only He
able to carry us into eternity.
You are the Almighty; the eternal I Am.
So shake my friend as only you can.
I know you can.