it’s complicated

Centered in a crowd
A woman stands alone
A red dress I remember
On a woman I’ve known
Though her back to me
I am certain it’s her
For this dream I have dreamed
And it is her, I am sure
The crowd swirls about
Dancing to and fro
Unconsciously orbiting
About her radiant glow
I join in the crowd
In hopes to see her face
A sight I long now miss
And evidence of God’s good grace
But try as I might
To enter her view
Distractions abound
Clouding what I know to be true
They tempt me to think
That they will satisfy my soul
They lure me away
From her and He who make me whole
This woman I knew
A gift from God I’d received
Now enveloped in lies
By which I am foolishly deceived

I cry and I pray
And I cry to this day
When I remember a hug
And a promise that it’d be okay
I know not what to do
With memories that remain
And pictures that brought joy
That now cause me pain