Is is Narcissistic to Use Your Name as Your Domain?

I hope not.

I initially bought this domain ( because I didn’t want anyone else to snag it before I could (it’s in high demand, I assume).  But then I bought a secondary domain titled,, because I didn’t want to be guilty of narcissism.  I thought people would think me a douche if I handed them a card or told them about my website as if to say, “You’ll never guess what it’s called . . . it’s my name!”

So I used the exhorter as a mask to feel like a better Christian.  I thought God would be more impressed with me if my glorious blog (tell your friends) wasn’t named after me, but was anonymous and entirely focused on pointing people to Him.  The problem with that of course is that God isn’t so easily manipulated, and his affections for me don’t dramatically increase because I went with instead of

The truth is this:  I am narcissistic at times.  I’m less so now than I think I’ve ever been, but it exists within me, and comes out in different ways.  Maybe this website is one of those ways.  Maybe it’s not, but I really don’t care anymore because I just want to practice writing, and I’m tired for worrying about what people think of me.  It’s slowing me down.

You don’t become a narcissist by making a website with your name on it anymore than you escape narcissism by naming your website something else.  The truth is that in some ways you too are likely narcissistic and self-absorbed, and that’s okay.  It’s wise to seek to be selfless, whether for the sake of living more like Christ or just being a better friend, but don’t get too caught up like I did in fretting about what other people will think of you.

Just relax and write.

Author: Andrew Bartosik

Not much different from you.

2 thoughts on “Is is Narcissistic to Use Your Name as Your Domain?”

  1. I don’t think that copyrighting your name or using it for a domain name makes you a bad Christian. These are practical things to do. It’s the content that determines what you’re all about. xo


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